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Tools & Scripts


  • matterbridge - Bridge between mattermost, IRC, gitter, xmpp, slack, discord, telegram, rocketchat, steam, twitch, ssh-chat, zulip, whatsapp, keybase, matrix, microsoft teams and more with REST API (mattermost not required!)
  • TediCross - Bot which bridges Telegram chats with Discord channels.
  • teleirc - Go implementation of a Telegram <=> IRC bridge for use with any IRC channel and Telegram group.
  • Transferbot - Bot that transfers Messages from Telegram to Discord and back.

Discussion Channels

Accounts Channels

  • @piratechannel - Free Netflix, Spotify & Other Premium Accounts, Window & Other Software License Keys.
  • esetkey_everyday - Get fresh Nod keys almost everyday.
  • keysnod32 - Free Eset Nod32 keys daily.
  • radwan1998 - VPN and login data.
  • vpnusername - Free NordVPN leech account logins. Sometimes other VPN services too.

courses ant tutorials Channels

APK Channels

  • @ModdedCentral - Patched & modded android apps, updated regularly, 50+ shared daily. Request group currently closed.
  • APK4free - Cracked Android apps.
  • APKs Apps - Patched & modded android apps, updated daily.
  • dastras - (IR) - Modded Android apks.
  • InstaMod - Regularly updated & feature rich modified Instagram app (Android only).
  • Premium APKs Only - Patched / modded android apps, updated daily.

Music Channels

  • @DeezerMusicBot - Music bot which downloads tracks from Deezer.
  • @flacaudio - AR - Arabish flac music.
  • @flacmu5ic - This channel is maded 4 listening the best music from whole world.
  • @flacmusicalbumfree - FLAC Music and Albums for Free.
  • @flacmusics - FLAC Music (Lossless) - (Hi-Res).
  • @FLACSong - Lossless music, various albums, songs and artists.
  • @Flacssongss - Other Than Indian Language Songs Will Be Posted here.
  • @HDaudio - High Definition Audio, 24 bit 48 kHz and up.
  • @highreschannell - High resolution music!.
  • @indianflacsongs - HI - Flac Songs Of Telugu, Malayalam, Hindi, Kannada & Many Other Languages Will Be Posted Here.
  • @JioDLBot - Search and Download Music inside Telegram.
  • @lastfmrobot - Share lastFM scrobbles, artist collage and music compatibility scores.
  • @losslessaudio - Lossless Audio (FLAC, ALAC, APE).
  • @LosslessHive - Collection of various Hi-Res Audio Files in FLAC Format. Use the Search Feature to look up for your favorite songs. Also you will find multiple versions of a single song- that means download the largest file to get better Quality (Vinyls).
  • @losslessmusicmenu - RU - Russian music channel for quality music.
  • @MusicHuntersBot - Another large music downloader bot for Telegram.
  • @musicshark - RU - Russian and other Flac Music.
  • @SMLoadrCommunity - Telegram community for SMLoadr.
  • @The_Trimmer_bot - Send th bot a streamable link or telegram video and he cuts it.
  • @vkmusic_bot - Find and download pretty much any song (uses vkmusic search engine).
  • Full Music Albums - A large collection of music albums, directly downloadable in Telegram, updated daily!.
  • Melodic Musics - A large collection of music, downloadable within Telegram.
  • Music Archive - A large collection of music, downloadable within Telegram.

Movies & TV shows Channels

Software Channels

eBooks Channels

Miscellaneous channels


  • Botlist - A botlist for various messenger (including Telegram).
  • @BotListBot - The official bot for to list bots in Telegram.
  • telegram-list - RU - GitHub overview list of useful Telgram Bots.
  • @Proytdlbot - Simple bot to download YouTube Videos. You can't invite the bot into groups.
  • @ToEmailBot - Redirect all pictures and files to email. Send me one and get it to inbox 💌.
  • @apkdl_bot - Download latest version of any free android apps and games from
  • @filetobot - Stores your private files and arranges them by category. Send any file to the bot and it will be immediately added.
  • @LinkForFilebot - Link your audio, video or media files to a specific channel or group.
  • @multi_purposebot - Rename, get media links, and upload files. The bot has lots of features.
  • @sltzbot - A bot to seed torrents.
  • @sluploadbot - Upload Files To Telegram and generate Links To Telegram Files.
  • @teletransferxbot - TeleTransferX (currently not working due to lack of support from the community) - down/uploader and search bot.
  • @TeleWarez_Bot - Official bot from to share and get files.
  • @UploadBots - A bot which uploads your telegram file to a sharehoster.
  • @virus_total_scan_bot - Scan files and check it against VirusTotal. Does not work with Channels or Groups.
  • @GooglePlayDownloader_bot - Download latest version of any free android app directly from Google Play Store.
  • @PlinkBot
  • @SearchBazarBot - Search Bazar and get information.
  • @DBazarBot - Download the app from Market Cafe
  • @MyTeleCloudBot
  • @thesafebot
  • @Ya_Disk_Bot - Upload, files, videos and audio to Yandex Cloud.

eBook Bots

Music Bots

Movies and TV Shows Bots

Google Drive Bots

  • @botxupdates - Uploads files to your Google Drive. Just send file or direct download link.
  • @gdriveupme_bot
  • @GdriveXbot - Uploads files to your Google Drive. Just send file or direct download link.
  • @gduploadbot - Remote uploads a link/file and mirrors it to you.
  • @Gdriveit_bot - The bot can upload files (Telegram files as well as URLs) to your Google Drive.
  • @U2GD_Bot - Upload URLs to Google Drive.

Moderation Bots

  • @BotFather - Create and maintain your own bots.
  • @Combot - Moderation, analytics, anti-spam, the best trigger system in Telegram and more.
  • @Controller - ControllerBot is a feature-rich bot for Telegram channel (not group!) - owners.
  • @GroupHelpBot - This is the most complete Bot to help you manage your groups easily and safely!.
  • @IFTTT - Similar like webhooks your can create own script based snippets which you can use in your channel or group.
  • @Miss Rose - Manage your group easily with the Rose bot.
  • @Protectron - Telegram anti-spam and group management bot.
  • @Shieldy - A zero-config Telegram bot that fights spam in chats.
  • @vardast_bot - A zero-config Telegram bot that fights spam in chats.
  • @assistChannel_bot - A zero-config Telegram bot that fights spam in chats.
  • @AlbionRoBoT - AlbionRoBoT is similar like GroupHelp with some more extra gimmicks.

Youtube Bots

Social Media Bots

Temporary Email Bots

Torrent bots

Miscellaneous bots