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Discord Clients

  • EnhancedDiscord - A lightweight Discord client mod.
  • Quarrel - A UWP discord client for Windows 10.
  • PowerCord - A lightweight discordapp client mod focused on simplicity and performance.
  • Ripcord - A closed source no tracking or analytics Discord client (without electron framework part).

Discord servers

  • Freemediaheckyeah - The official FreeMediaHeckYeah Discord server.
  • - Official Discord server for
  • f/MEGAlinks - Official f/MEGAlinks Discord server.
  • /hbg/ Homebrew General - A Discord server that shares newer Nintendo Switch Games.
  • r/PkgLinks - Reddup game sharing Discord Server.
  • r/soccerstreams - Official Discord server for the recently-killed /r/soccerstreams subreddit.
  • 9YearOldPirates - Official Discord server for the 9YearOldPirates relaese group.
  • AniméGlare - Official AniméGlare Discord channel.
  • AniméVibe - Official AniméVibe Discord channel.
  • APK'S 2 Day - This is a discord server that acts as a hub for numerous streaming apps.
  • ApolloTV - The official ApolloTV Discord server.
  • DoujinStyle - Discord server with Doujin related materials. Things such as Japanese doujin music & games.
  • DreamTV - A Discord server for the official DreamTV Android app.
  • legal acquisition club - A piracy server to discuss and share movies, tv and apps.
  • Morph TV (Morpheus Fork) - Morph TV (Morpheus Fork) - official Discord server.
  • PlayStation Homebrew - Home of /r/ps3homebrew and /r/ps4homebrew.
  • The Eye - Official Discord server for
  • The Ratio - A community of seedbox enthusiasts. Buying advice, application setup, and automation help.
  • WarezNX - Nintendo Switch Warez community server.
  • KissCommunity Discord - Community based Discord server.
  • - Provides Movies, TV shows and Anime.