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  • XDCC Tutorial - XDCC Downloading For Beginners: Do It Like A Pro!.
  • XDCC - XDCC (Xabi DCC or eXtended DCC) - is a computer file sharing method which uses the Internet Relay Chat (IRC) - network as a host service.
  • ZNC - An advanced IRC bouncer.

IRC Clients

  • irssi - Your text mode chatting application since 1999.
    • autodl-irssi - A plugin for irssi that monitors IRC announce channels for torrent trackers and downloads torrent files based on user-defined filters.
    • Slack notifications for autodl-irssi - Guide by yours truly on enabling Slack notifications for autodl-irssi.
    • autodl-curl-sonarr - Script to use as upload-command for autodl-irssi to post to Sonarr.
    • mreg - Generates a "Match releases" expression for your autodl-irssi filter based on's "Most Requested DVD Release Dates" section.
  • mIRC - The original IRC client for Windows.
  • HexChat - HexChat is an IRC client based on XChat, but unlike XChat it is completely free for both Windows and Unix-like systems.
  • Kiwi IRC - Responsive web IRC client with theming support.
  • KVIrc - Yet another graphical IRC client.
  • Shout - The self-hosted web IRC client.
  • The Lounge - TheLounge (a fork of shoutIRC) - is a web IRC client that you host on your own server.
  • weechat - The extensible chat client.
  • Convos - Always online web IRC client.
  • InspIRCd - Modular IRC server written in C++ for Linux, BSD, Windows, and macOS.
  • Dispatch - Self-hosted web IRC client written in Go.
  • ngircd - Free, portable and lightweight Internet Relay Chat server for small or private networks.

IRC Networks

NameIRC Addressdescription
Beast-XDCCirc:// more XDCC source
IRCHighway - ebooksirc:// nice, friendly irc channel for trading ebooks
Undernet - bookzirc:// downloading ebooks (use @search <book name> for a list of available ebooks)
Abandoned IRC - ZOMBIE WAREZirc:// Warez channel for various software
Moviegodsirc:// file sharing network, join #mg-chat to continue downloading
The Sourceirc:// XDCC source

IRC Search Engines

  • ixIRC - ixIRC lets you search through 17 IRC networks, 32 channels, and over 189915 user supplied XDCC packs.
  • SunXDCC - Another XDCC file search engine.
  • - XDCC search engine indexing packets from a large number of networks.
  • xWeasel - xWeasel is a free stand-alone Download Client based on IRC technology including a multifunctional XDCC Search Engine.