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Media Centre Applications

  • Emby - A personal media server with apps on just about every device.
    • r/EmbyShares - This subreddit is dedicated to the sharing of Emby servers.
  • Myflix - Myflix tries to be a somewhat simple and lightweight "DIY Netflix", similar to Plex, streama or Emby, for your DIY NAS, especially aimed at the Raspberry Pi/Odroid/etc ecosystem.
  • Gerbera - UPnP Media Server for 2018 (Based on MediaTomb).
  • Serviio - Serviio is a free media server. It allows you to stream your media files (music, video or images) - to renderer devices (e.g. a TV set, Blu-ray player, games console or mobile phone) - on your connected home network.
  • Rygel - Rygel is a home media solution (UPnP AV MediaServer) - that allows you to easily share audio, video, and pictures to other devices.
  • Jellyfin - Open source alternative to Plex.
  • OpenPHT - A community driven fork of Plex Home Theater.
  • OSMC - OSMC (short for Open Source Media Center) - is a Linux distribution based on Debian that brings Kodi to a variety of devices.
  • Subsonic - Music and movie streaming server with a client app and web frontend.
  • Streama - Self hosted streaming media server.
  • Viewscreen - A personal video streaming server.


Plex Plugins

Plex Requests

  • Ombi - Want a Movie or TV Show on Plex or Emby? Use Ombi!.
  • Plex Requests - Simple automated way for users to request new content for Plex.
  • plexrequests-meteor - Meteor version of the original Plex Requests.
  • Mellow - Bot which can communicate with several APIs like Ombi, Sonarr, Radarr and Tautulli which are related to home streaming. Based off of node:9.3.
  • MediaButler - Discord bot for use with PleX and several other apps that work with it.

Plex Scripts and Tools

  • goplaxt - Full rewrite of the above, written in Go and deployable with Docker.
  • Varken - Standalone application to aggregate data from the Plex ecosystem into InfluxDB using Grafana for a frontend.
  • DocDownloader - Scribd Downloader; Issuu Downloader; Slideshare Downloader; Academia Downloader. Scribd Downloader.
  • Gaps - Find the missing movies in your Plex Server.
  • JBOPS - Just a Bunch Of Plex Scripts.
  • killstream - Killing streams is a Plex Pass only feature. So these scripts will only work for Plex Pass users.
  • Kitana - Kitana exposes your Plex plugin interfaces "to the outside world".
  • NowShowing - Generates an email and web page of Plex recently added content.
  • Phlex - A super-sexy voice interface for the Plex HTPC.
  • Plaxt - Webhook-based scrobbling for Plex.
  • Plex Media Tagger - Uses the metadata held in the PlexMediaServer to tag media files.
  • Plex Redirect - A Plex landing page that redirects you to various sites.
  • plex_autoscan - Script to assist sonarr/radarr with plex imports.
  • plex_top_playlists - A python script to get top weekly or top popular lists and put them in plex as playlists.
  • plex-subtitles-normalizer - CLI tool to fix subtitles needed by Plex Media Center.
  • plex-sync - A simple command-line utility to synchronize watched / seen status between different Plex Media Servers.
  • plex2netflix - See how much of your media from Plex is available on Netflix.
  • PlexAuth - Plex based authentication using PHP.
  • PlexEmail - This script aggregates all new TV, movie and music releases for the past configured time then optionally writes to your web directory and sends out an email.
  • PlexIPTV - This app simulates a DVR device for Plex by providing a layer to any IPTV provider (that provide a m3u8 playlist).
  • PlexMissingEpisodes - Scan Plex library for missing episodes using TheTVDB.
  • PlexRecs - A Discord bot that provides movie and TV show recommendations from your Plex library.
  • plexReport - Scripts to generate a weekly email of new additions to Plex.
  • plexupdate - Script to simplify the life of Linux Plex Media Server users.
  • plxdwnld - Bookmarklet for downloading original files from the Plex web interface.
  • Python-PlexLibrary - Python command line utility for creating and maintaining dynamic Plex libraries based on "recipes".
  • Transmogrify - A Chrome extension that adds several features to the Plex/Web 2.0 client for Plex.

Plex Sharing

  • r/plexshares - A nice place to find Plex Media Server shares.
  • Elysium - Plex media streaming service.

Plex Transcoding

  • nvidia-patch - Unlock the transcode or 'session' limit on nVidia consumer grade GPUs.
  • kube-plex - Scalable Plex Media Server on Kubernetes -- dispatch transcode jobs as pods on your cluster!.
  • Plex-Remote-Transcoder - A distributed transcoding backend for Plex.
  • UnicornTranscoder - A remote transcoder for Plex Media Server.

Plex Logging and Metrics

  • Plex-Data-Collector-For-InfluxDB - Collects data about your Plex server and sends it to InfluxDB.
  • plexWatch - Notify and Log watched content on a Plex Media Server.
  • Tautulli - Tautulli is a 3rd party application that you can run alongside your Plex Media Server to monitor activity and track various statistics.
  • r/PlexACD - Discussion about unlimited cloud storage for Plex libraries.

Plex Clients

  • go-plex-client - A and Plex Media Server Go client.
  • PlexConnect - Unofficial Plex app for Apple TV devices.
  • RasPlex - Rasplex is a community driven port of Plex Home Theater for the Raspberry Pi.


  • Kodi - An award-winning free and open-source home theater/media center software and entertainment hub for digital media.
  • Kodi setup guide
  • r/Addons4Kodi - Discussion and links pertaining to unofficial addons for Kodi Media Center.
  • Burst - A torrent content provider to the Quasar plugin.
  • Elementum - Elementum addon is an addon for Kodi, that manages your virtual library, syncs with your Trakt account.
  • Exodus Redux - The newest Exodus fork around, paired with LambdaScrapers.
  • Gaia - Grants the ability to instantly watch high quality files via cached torrents from Real-Debrid or Premiumize.
  • kodi-headless - A headless install of kodi in a docker container, most useful for a mysql setup of kodi to allow library updates to be sent without the need for a player system to be permanently on.
  • Official Plex Addon - Official Plex add-on for Kodi.
  • PlexKodiConnect - Plex integration in Kodi done right.
  • Python-GoogleDrive-VideoStream - Provides service content delivered in Google Drive plugin for KODI through any HTML5 client.
  • Seren - Kodi addon which works with Premiumize and Real-Debrid to stream torrents with the appropriate provider package instantly.
  • Sparkle - Kodi addon for finding acestream links.
  • Tooonmania2 - Lets you watch cartoons, dubbed anime and movies (from animetoon) - and subbed anime and movies (from animeplus).
  • tvtorrentorganizer - Bash 4 Script to Organize TV Show Downloads for Kodi.
  • Ultimate Kodi Guide - ULTIMATE GUIDE TO INSTALL KODI + POPULAR STREAMING ADDONS by /u/giorgiomilan.
  • Yoda - Another solid Exodus/Covenant fork, and this time it's from S-media.
  • VShare - Allows all the kodi users to pair with this service, which allows users to share and stream their favorite videos.
  • Recommended Addons - November 2019 - Latest working Kodi addons compiled into one place.
  • Placenta - A Fork of Exodus / Covenant with more options and links from Mr. Blamo and Muad'Dib.
  • Plexus - Plexus is used in conjunction with Sparkle to play Ace Stream links.
  • Pneumatic - Pneumatic is an NZB engine add-on for XBMC. It requires SABnzbd as a backbone.
  • Quasar - The purpose of this plugin is to search and stream torrents in Kodi.